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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Several community members are demanding justice in the recent fatal shooting of Ismael Lopez by Southaven police.

Thursday night was the second protest at the Southaven Police Department since the shooting took place July 23rd.

“We want the truth to come out,” said Pastor Rolando Rostro who’s organized the protests. “We want justice to be served for Mr. Lopez.”

Pastor Rostro wants answers as to what exactly happened the night Southaven police shot and killed 41-year-old Lopez.

Officers mistakenly went to his house to serve a warrant for someone else, and somehow fatal shots were fired.

“The police department is there to protect and serve, and that’s the opposite of what’s happening right now in, so we need to address this immediately.”

Rostro said he’ll continue to hold more protests until Southaven police release more information about the shooting.

“Do you think these officers names should’ve been released by now?” asked WREG’s Bridget Chapman.

“There’s a lot of stuff that should’ve been released by now and those officers names should’ve; they serve the public,” answered Rostro.

He says he’s also frustrated by a Southaven police report obtained Wednesday by WREG. It’s seven-pages with mainly blank boxes and very little information about that night.

“It’s just blatant disregard to what they’ve done and so they have all this little information on this report and it’s frustrating.”

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is overseeing the case and said they’re currently waiting on autopsy results.

Lopez’s loved ones told WREG they’re not planning on joining any protests but do appreciate the support.

“This is a community issue, not just a one Latino issue,” said Rostro. “It’s all of us.”

Southaven police said peaceful protesters have every right to be there, but they didn’t say when they’ll be releasing the officers’ names from the night of the shooting.

We also reached out to Lopez’s family attorneys to see if there are any updates on a lawsuit, but we have not yet heard back.