Angry customer smashes gas station door after being asked to wear a mask

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a man blatantly ignored a gas station attendant’s orders to wear a facial covering, attempted to shoplift from the store, and even smashed the gas station’s door.

Friday morning customers can only use one door to enter the Exxon Hop In at Highland and Poplar. The glass from the other door is gone after being smashed with a skateboard.

An employee told police a man got angry when he was asked to wear a mask and took his frustration out on the door.

The cashier says the man visited the store Thursday night without a facial covering. When she asked him to leave because he wasn’t wearing a mask the man ignored her, continuing to shop.

Once he had what he wanted he then tried to leave without paying, but the employee blocked the door.

At one point the cashier thought he the man was going to hit her but instead dropped the items and left.

But he wasn’t gone for long. He came back with a skateboard and smashed the front door before taking off.

Earlier this week, police arrested a store clerk after they say he fired shots at a customer refusing to wear a facial covering in his east Memphis business.

In California, punches were thrown inside a Target store after employees told two men they needed to wear a mask or leave. One employee suffered a broken arm.

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