An email typo just made this guy a bunch of new friends


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PHOENIX – Folks in the Grand Canyon State sure get a lot of surprise invitations. Two years after an Arizona grandmother mistakenly invited the wrong “grandson” to Thanksgiving, a Phoenix man named Will Novak received an invite meant for a different Will Novak to a ski weekend bachelor party in Vermont—and he’s going anyway.

The Washington Post reports that, thanks to a typo in the address field, Novak, 35, received an email on Jan. 7 asking him to RSVP to the party for “Angelo.” Novak immediately replied, explaining the error, but he joked he’d come anyway, per FOX 10.

To Novak’s surprise, the guys took him up on it. “We don’t know if you’re serious, but we’re serious. You better show up,” they replied. After asking the hive mind of his Facebook friends if he should go—”the consensus was an unequivocal yes,” the Post notes—Novak got his wife’s OK to leave her and their baby behind to attend.

“My wife couldn’t be happier to be rid of me for a weekend,” he tells CBS 5.

Novak set up a GoFundMe to raise the $750 or so he would need for the trip; that amount was reached, and then some, in a few hours.

The East Coast contingent has vetted Novak’s social media accounts—”to make sure he wasn’t a murderer or, like, a serial killer,” New York’s Will Novak tells FOX 10—and Arizona Novak says he has martial arts training “if things go south.”

There’s also been a sweet update over the weekend on Novak’s GoFundMe, which had amassed nearly $3,000 by Tuesday morning: He discovered Angelo and his soon-to-be-wife are expecting their first child, so he’s donating any money over the cost of his trip to them.

“At this point, if I don’t get invited to be his child’s godfather, I’ll be livid,” Novak jokes to the Post.

(The original story of that Arizona grandma with an unexpected Thanksgiving guest.)

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