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(NEXSTAR) – American Airlines canceled hundreds of flights over the weekend, and it appears a small percentage of flights will continue to be cut just as travel demand ramps back up following the easing of pandemic restrictions.

Bloomberg reports that at least 100 American Airlines flights were canceled Monday after at least 300 scheduled trips were grounded over the weekend. According to multiple published reports, the company will continue to ground flights through the end of July.

The airline said it has been forced to cut 1% of flights as it copes with workforce shortages and severe weather, according to Reuters. A statement from the company said it is trying to notify travelers of cancellations in advance to “minimize surprises at the airport.”

American told Reuters that they were attempting to blunt the inconvenience by dropping flights from locations where there were additional travel options.

Transportation Security Administration numbers show around two million travelers per day taking flight across the U.S. in June, roughly tripling from the summer numbers in 2020, though still significantly down from 2019.

If your flight is canceled, American advises you to use one of three options to reschedule:

  • Tap on your scheduled flight in the American Airlines app to search and reschedule
  • View and change your flight under “your trips” on
  • Use an airport kiosk to scan your boarding pass to re-book your travel.

As with other airlines, American offers an online tool to check current flight status.