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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An Amazon driver in Cordova might need to work on his delivery after video shows him toss a package into a customer’s yard instead of walking to the door.

Venecia Patterson said she was worried when she found one of her shipments from in the middle of her lawn Friday. Thinking someone had tried to steal her packages and dropped one, she checked security camera footage to see what happened.

Instead of finding a thief on her porch, she caught an Amazon delivery driver who drove up, walked to the edge of her yard and chucked the package into the grass — in the rain, no less. It skidded a few feet before he drove away.

Patterson said the fragile Christmas gift inside was slightly damaged. She’s filed a complaint with the company and said they are sending her a replacement.

“It was just kind of shocking video to watch right in front of your house,” Patterson said. “It looked like something on YouTube, not something that happened to a real person.”

An Amazon spokesperson said the company hires local, third-party vendors to handle deliveries.

“This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners as we expect every package to be handled with care. We are investigating and will work with the customer directly to make things right,” Amazon said.