Al Kapone’s Rap Video for George Flinn Made ‘Private’

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(Memphis) A hip-hop video made by Memphis rapper Al Kapone in support of George Flinn’s congressional campaign has been made ‘private,’ even though it was viewable to the public earlier Friday.

The Flinn campaign said that they had no knowledge that Al Kapone would be creating such a video and said they are very grateful for his support.

They posted the video on their website and used some of the music for a campaign ad.

Late Friday, News Channel 3 learned that some people pictured in the video did not give their consent to appear in this project.

Al Green and Josh Pastner both appear in pictures with George Flinn, which some may take as their implicit endorsement.

In reality, Al Green has expressed his support of Congressman Steve Cohen, and Josh Pastner cannot endorse political candidates under University of Memphis policy.

Dr. George Flinn said, “I don’t see this as an endorsement…it just shows my life in Memphis.”

Pastner told News Channel 3 he did not know he was going to be in this video.

The picture of him in a pink feather boa next to George Flinn was taken at a recent fundraiser.

“My job is extremely political, so I have enough on my hands without getting involved in anything else,” Pastner said.

Flinn said he was extremely grateful for the gift Al Kapone gave his campaign.

The rapper’s music has aired in the last several years on one of the radio stations owned by Flinn.

“It’s a gift to me, and that gift means a lot to me. I mean, I get emotional talking about it. What a gift. Thank you, Al Kapone,” Flinn said. “He captured my essence. And somebody that captures your essence and puts that out in a song or a music video…just I’m speechless.”

Flinn said his “essence” involves helping people in the community. He considers himself an expert in jobs and health care.

His opponent, Congressman Steve Cohen, said in a statement:

“I enjoyed Dr. Flinn’s rap. It was quite the catchy tune. However, the clearest words spoken— “proven and experienced”— Apply to me, not to Dr. Flinn. I solicit the support of the 9th District voters through service, substance, and policy. I’ll leave the rap to others.”

Some Memphis voters responded well to the video.

Dentarius Foster has even heard other rappers voice their support for Flinn in radio ads.

“It’s on the radio. I’m hearing Lil’ Wyte…vote for George Flinn. So I’m like yeah, he’s urban. He’s in the community,” Foster said.

Foster said this was a very effective campaign tool that makes him more likely to vote for Flinn. He did not know Flinn owned the stations airing the ads.

“I think it’s a very creative way to get people who normally don’t vote, out to the polls,” said Desiree Thomas.

Thomas has been a supporter of Steve Cohen’s in the past and said that the video alone, though creative, won’t sway her vote.

“I would have to hear more of what he stands for,” Thomas said.” It’s going to take more than an urban music video for me.”

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