AKA Chapter holds virtual fundraiser for HBCUs


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Beta Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority is looking at new ways to raise money for HBCUs, such as LeMoyne-Owen College during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

LeMoyne-Owen’s campus may be quiet right now as students are learning virtually, but one thing that does not change is the need for money to help them.

Memphis’ Beta Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated is looking at new ways to raise money for HBCUs like LeMoyne-Owen.

“Because no matter the pandemic, we still have to fundraise,” said Denise Mustiful-Martin, the HBCU Impact Day Chair. “And we still have to serve, and we still must give.”

With the pandemic going on, in-person gatherings have gone by the wayside. Now, people are coming up with unique ways to fundraise. Mustiful-Martin said they decided to do a virtual fundraiser where people can participate and be safe while doing so.

“In the days of the pandemic and COVID, what we had to do was re-imagine number one,” Mustiful-Martin said. “How to have an event, and number two, how to let members know that you’re having an event.”

Mustiful-Martin said they decided it would be best to put a billboard along the interstate to get out the word. The virtual party will include a DJ and the cost is $25 but will have the flavor of being there in person.

“You can expect live music,” Mustiful-Martin said. “You can expect fun and trivia camaraderie with other people joining in on our expanded platform.

Their goal is to raise a lot of money. HBCUs produce leaders in all sections from political figures, religions, and entertainers.

And they hope to have a big impact on this Impact Day as every chapter of AKA participates.

Jane Venson-Talford, Beta Epsilon Omega Chapter’s President said fundraising not only takes place among their members and their community, but all eight chapters in the Memphis metropolitan area will also be having events and raising funds.

And to show you the power in numbers, the international president of Alpha Kappa Alph, who is from Tennessee, raised $1 million in one day for HBCU’s for the last two years. She did it by calling on sorority members across the world and others to give.

Click here to access the “Party with a Purpose” fundraiser.

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