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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local activist is seeking $1 million over comments reportedly made by Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland.

The lawsuit, which names both Roland and the Shelby County government, was filed on behalf of Black Lives Matter activist Pamela Moses just last week over comments reportedly made during a June 2017 commission meeting.

According to the lawsuit, Commissioner Roland stated “Homeland Security needed to watch that lady Pamela Moses” after calling her and BLM terrorists.

When asked for an apology, the lawsuit states Roland stood by his statements.

“I did say that about Miss Moses and I stand by it. Ms Moses has threatened judges and she has threatened everybody but I can tell you this dog ain’t gone run, and I stand by everything I said the other day other than that I have nothing else to say.”

In a statement released Monday, Moses stated, “I have never been accused or convicted of an act terrorism. At this point, I am only concerned about clearing my name which has been continually defamed. I am being persecuted for my activism. Mr. Roland’s statements were without merit and disrespectful to me as a woman, and making me a public spectacle. All I wanted was a retraction of his statements and a public apology, but he refused and slandered me again.”

Since then, Moses said she’s suffered emotional and mental distress. She also stated she’s now in fear for her safety and is receiving undue police attention due to the comments.

WREG tried to review the files from the June 2017 meetings, but video and audio records were unable.

Moses was listed as being allowed to give remarks during the proceedings, but the notes do not go into detail about what was said.

Roland said that he would let the county attorney handle the case, but did not offer further comment Monday.