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STARKVILLE, Miss. –More information has been released on the active shooter incident that happened on the campus of Mississippi State University Thursday morning.

WREG’s Shay Arthur is down in Starkville and was told it all started from a tip from a suicide hotline.

The tip was then sent to the Mississippi Highway Patrol who alerted the school about a possible active shooter.

The school was notified at 10:10 a.m. and immediately went into lockdown.

Officials said Fhu-Qui Cong ‘Bill’ Nguyen said he was going to shoot himself and someone else.

At 10:26 a.m., Nguyen who is a freshman from Madison, was taken into custody near McCool Hall.

Both school police and the Mississippi Highway Patrol said no shots were fired and Nguyen did not have a gun.

“We take all incidents like this very seriously, and I’m glad to report that there was no weapon found in this incident and no shots were fired,” Dr. Mark Keenum said. “Our campus is safe.”

“The highest priority I have as president of this university is the safety of our students, faculty and staff,” Keenum continued. “We are always, always going to err on the side of caution in protecting our most precious resource – our people.”

Nguyen is set to  appear in court to face charges of disorderly conduct and has been referred to a medical facility for routine mental and psychological evaluation


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a transcription of the call received by MSU PD from the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol alerting MSU to the potential active shooter.

Transcription of the phone call from Miss. Highway Patrol to MSU Police:

MHP: Hey, Tina. Quinton Williams. I’m with the MS Hwy Patrol. You guys are aware you are going to possibly have an active shooter on campus at this time?

MSU: No. I had a suicide call from Jackson saying the guy was suicidal at Carpenter Hall. What was she (the caller) saying to you?

MHP: Well, she was saying the guy was going to actually shoot others as well as himself. He’s, at this point, in Carpenter Hall.

MSU: Did she say what room?

MHP: She did not say what room that he was in, but they still have her actively on the line as we are speaking now. The subject’s name is Bill Nguyen. He is going to be an Oriental male. Does that help any?

MSU: MSU to all units, we have a possible active shooter in Carpenter Hall. This is not a test. Vietnamese male. Do not know what floor. Just know he’s a Vietnamese male by the name of Bill. This is not a test.