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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man Memphis Police say shot and killed an 8-year-old girl has finally been captured.

Cedric Conley was picked up in New Orleans and is now charged with first-degree murder for the death of Jordyn Washington. Jordyn’s grandmother and aunt said they have a little bit of relief knowing Conley is behind bars.

But they say there’s still a void in their hearts.

“I want an apology. I want an apology from you for my whole family because you have hurt us deeply,” said Ivy Houston, Jordyn’s Aunt.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Cedric Conley was arrested Tuesday in New Orleans.

Jordyn Washington

Memphis Police say Conley fired shots into the Highland Chateau Apartment in Raleigh, where Jordyn Washington was staying with her grandmother, killing the little girl.

Investigators say Jordyn was not his target.

Jordyn’s grandmother says their family feels a little relief knowing Conley is off the streets but says it’s still hard knowing an eight year old is gone.

“The mom has mixed feelings because she said it’s not going to bring her baby back. But like I told her, this person will not be able to hurt or bring this kind of grief to anybody’s family again,” Washington said.

Jordyn is among the 36 children who have been violently killed in Memphis this year.

Her family says they send their prayers to every family who’s been affected by violence and encourages them to keep pushing for justice.

“You have taken our little sunshine away from us and she did not deserve this,” Houston said. “I will be at every court hearing. Everyone one. I want him to know our face. I want our faces imbedded in his brain.”

Memphis Police say they are still waiting for Conley to be extradited back to Memphis.