Accused Chick-fil-A robber named in string of other crimes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Records show a Memphis man charged with robbery at an East Memphis Chick-fil-A had been on a four month-long crime spree after he was released time after time on low bond.

At one point, he was wounded in a shooting when he claims he was the victim of a crime.

Mohammed Abu-Obeid

Mohammed Abu-Obeid says he was shot on Eva Street off Summer Avenue while trying to buy back his own car on July 11. Michael Caldwell was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

But Obeid, who has a long criminal record, didn’t let a bullet slow him down.

Police say Obeid committed aggravated robbery or theft at nearly a dozen locations over a four month period, ending Aug. 14 with the aggravated robbery of a customer at a Chick-fil-A on Poplar.

“The fact that it happened here is awful,” said Amanda Barbee, a regular shopper at the Junior League Boutique on Summer Avenue, one of the locations allegedly hit by Obeid.

Barbee’s friend was working there when Obeid came into the store.

“She said he came in acting very nervous and kept trying to get her away from the register. She actually went to the back of the store and told the manager that this guy needed to be watched. Something was really wrong.”

In a matter of moments, police say he stole the cash register and ran out.

We went back to January and found Obeid charged with felony crimes, getting arrested, and then getting out on as little as a $250 bond.

The crimes happened all across Shelby County, from theft from his own family, to businesses and customers. Four car thefts were among them.

Barbee says the justice system failed the victims by not keeping him in jail longer.

“We were floored, just flabbergasted at the fact the got out on maybe a $250 bond. That’s crazy.”

Obeid remains in jail. This time his bond is well over $150,000. He’s due for a mental evaluation next month.


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