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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A pedestrian was hit and killed on I-40 near the Hollywood exit Monday.

Two others were hit Saturday and they were on regular Roads. One on Jackson Avenue and the other on Yale.

And on Halloween night, AAA is warning that number could swell.

“This is probably when you’re gonna have the most pedestrian accidents,” said Gary Lowry with AAA. “That’s when everybody’s walking.”

Back in September, Memphis Police told WREG there had been more than 340 pedestrian accidents. But again, that was back in September, and that doesn`t include all the accidents since then.

To keep your kids safe, children should be dressed in reflective clothing and they should know how to properly cross the street.

AAA also suggested kids avoid oversized costumes that could lead to accidents.

“You can trip and fall out into the street, so make sure that the costumes fits.”

For drivers, that means driving extra carefully.

“Drive like you are invisible. Drive like nobody can see you and everybody`s gonna do something a little bit crazy.”