UPDATE: Business filings from the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office show that Colton Cathey owns A1’s Towing & Hauling. Cathey, 29, was arrested in April and accused of taking an 18-wheeler by force from a truck stop on Lamar. A carjacking charge against Cathey was dismissed in General Sessions court, but the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office said it expects the case to go to criminal court.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — A1’s Towing & Hauling’s license to boot vehicles has been suspended for 60 days in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board took the action in August following the complaints of several truck drivers who said they had been illegally booted and towed from the same unmanned truck stop in West Memphis.

Capital Fuels, where truck drivers say they were illegally booted and Towed by A1’s
Capital Fuels in West Memphis, Arkansas

A1’s was also fined $500 and ordered to pay back one truck driver $2,800.

“We’ve received nine complaints against them since they opened their license in February,” said Paul Burnett, the Towing and Recovery Board director. “We had a hearing on three of the complaints.”

Last month, the City of Memphis Permits Department said it had begun an investigation of A1’s Towing and hauling after receiving nearly a dozen complaints against A1’s from truckers over the last year.

The long-haul drivers from across the country accused A1’s of illegally booting and towing their tractor-trailers and charging them thousands of dollars to get them back.

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Division of Consumer Affairs said it had also received several complaints against A1’s towing since 2022 but couldn’t comment on any possible investigation.

Several A1’s employees have also been arrested in recent months and accused of taking big rigs by force. The charges included carjacking, robbery, aggravated assault, and theft of property.

Last month, The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office dropped charges against Quintarius Harrell, Colton Cathey, Kenneth Rucker, and Ricky Hines, and this week dropped charges against Rufus Newson.

A1’s Towing & Hauling on West Mallory

A spokesperson for Steve Mulroy’s office said the charges against the A1’s employees were dismissed because they were in General Sessions court, and they cannot subpoena the out-of-state victims even though they have been cooperative.

The DA’s office said it will continue pursuing the cases and expects them to go to criminal court and would be sending the cases to a grand jury.

The Arkansas Towing and Recovery board said A1’s towing license is still good, and they can start booting again in November. Director Burnett said they are still investigating complaints involving the Memphis-based company.

“There will be some more hearings whenever we can get another date where the AG and everybody can come,” said Burnett.

WREG has tried to contact A1’s about the arrests involving their employees and complaints against the company but has not heard back from anyone.