A pair of villains rob a comic store in Raleigh

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for real villains armed with guns who robbed a comic store and everyone and inside.

It happened at Comic Cellar in Raleigh on Austin Peay near Yale Tuesday night.

"I happened to be sitting closest to the door, and it was honestly a little surreal," said Julius Besser.

Besser said one second he and his buddies were playing a board game, and the next, they're on the floor.

"I turned around to face the door, and I saw two guys with guns telling everyone to get down on the floor," he said.

He said the two villains stood there with black hoodies covering their faces and flashing their guns with lasers attached. They yelled for the owner.

"They picked him up, roughed him up and pushed him over to the register," he said.

Besser said they then grabbed everyone's wallets and eventually ran out chucking a chair to block the door.

"As soon as they got out the door, one let off a shot," he said.

The shot echoed through the parking lot.

Police got to the scene minutes later. They scoured security footage from nearby stores and took pictures of the shell casing and any other evidence they could find.

"The police said this had the hallmarks of people who knew what they were doing and potentially had been going down a number of doors just trying to do it. My expectation: they're going to try this again," said Besser.

He hopes these brazen bad guys are caught soon before someone else experiences the terror he and his friends faced.

"I don't know if I can say no one is hurt. There's a certain emotional amount of hurt that happens even though no one was physically hurt, which I'm glad for," he said.

Besser encourages businesses to stay alert, invest in the proper security and to make sure you keep your doors locked.

He is also asking anyone to come forward with information. If you saw something, call CrimeStoppers at (901) 502-CASH.

We reached out to the owner, but have yet to hear back as of Thursday night.

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