A Memphis pastor sends message to fathers following death of his son

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A well-known Memphis preacher and radio host is speaking out about his son's murder. He says although nothing will bring back his son, as he prepares to bury him and start his quest for justice, this Father's Day weekend he wants all fathers to step up.

"A 62-year-old man that should know better but didn't know better and made a bad decision, a bad decision that took my son's life," said Thaddeus Matthews.

On Friday morning Thaddeus Matthews got the call that changed the course for all of his Father's Days to come.

"I never thought the next time I saw him, he'd be laying in a coffin," said Matthews.

According to police Kenya Matthews was riding a bike along Raines Road, instead of driving his car to the store just before midnight on Thursday.

"He had made a responsible decision, that took his life at 32 while a man 62 made a decision that was irrational, it was wrong, it was criminal," said Matthews.

Melvin Willies is the man arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Matthews says he can't get over Willies' admitting to driving after drinking.

"This 62 year old man who stated to police that he had just left a club and had several vodka shots this same man who has two prior convictions in Minnesota and Iowa," said Matthews.

Matthews doesn't think that Willies deserves another chance to hurt anyone else especially since he robbed his son.

"My son was a mechanic, he loved fixing cars. I would have loved to see him have his own business; be an entrepreneur," said Matthews.

Now, Matthews only hope is that fathers everywhere will realize life is too short for regret and step up in their children's life.

"As the old blues songs say I wish I could turn back the hands of time but I can't," added Matthews.

Moving forward he says he's spread the message of seizing each moment while you have the chance.

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