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A local woman known for her big heart and caring spirit has fallen on hard times. Luckily for her, she has friends who cared enough to reach out.

Linda Steed’s life is filled with service to others from her work at Catholic charities to organizing food drives for those in need. She’s had to make some adjustments recently due to a health diagnosis.  This is where our playmaker Brenda Horton comes in.

“A couple of months ago she found out that she had breast cancer, Brenda said. “This is all new.  She is a beacon in our community. She has given her money, her time, her food, her resources to help everybody.  So now it’s her turn.”

Despite Ms. Linda’s recent breast cancer diagnosis, she continues to care for a sweet friend.

“She has a lady that she takes to the grocery store. She is 104 years old,” Brenda said. “Miss Brown goes out to the grocery store, different stores, and it’s so funny because I mean you’re 104 and your still shopping?  But she takes good care of her.”

It’s our turn to take care of Ms. Linda this time. 

“Well, we’re going to be an encouragement to her today,” Tim said to Brenda. “I’ve got 10 reasons for her to be encouraged.  There’s ten 100-dollar bills. 300 from News Channel 3 and 700 from our anonymous donors.  There’s 1,000 dollars. 

Right before we leave, Brenda makes the call to see if Ms. Linda is still at home.

“Hey, uh… I’m on my way,” Brenda said.   

So, we roll.  As we arrive, someone is waiting outside. She’s doing well but a little confused about what’s happening.

“Ms. Linda, I contacted Pass It On because you have been a beacon in the community, you’ve done so much,” Brenda told Ms. Linda.

With that, Brenda counts out the cash, “300 from Channel 3 News and another seven from an anonymous donor.”

Ms. Linda can’t believe it, “thank y’all so much.” 

Ms. Linda is greatly loved by many. She was incredibly grateful, “God is so good.  Thank y’all so much. Thank you so much.”

Now here’s a part of Pass It On you don’t normally see, “do you have like any pictures, any photos that we could use?” 

We ask this question of every pass it on recipient.  We don’t normally get that great of a response!

Ms. Linda shows us around her den, pointing to the many pictures hanging on her wall, “my momma and her daddy, my momma and her daddy.”

This den contains the pictures of Ms. Linda’s life, all of them! 

“Let me show you Ms. Brown, she’s 104,” Ms. Linda told us.

These photos help us tell the story, “my husband was named Savoyd Steed.  He was the first black conductor on the IC Railroad.”

As one of eleven children, Ms. Linda has led a full life.  With her ‘get it done’ attitude and ability to focus on others instead of herself, she’s going beat this breast cancer diagnosis.