A Fight, Facebook, A Mailbox And A 4-Month-Old Who Was Almost Shot

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(Memphis) A Facebook argument turned into a fist fight then a shooting.

A man is in jail for the shooting, but the victims say it all started because of a fight between a 16 and 13-year-old girl.

A baby could have been killed because of the violence.

When bullets went flying inside the Hickory Hill home, one of them lodged into a chair where a 4-month-old baby was sitting in a car seat.

It's Gabreal Thomas's baby who almost paid the price for senseless neighborhood violence.

An argument between her 13-year-old sister and a 16-year-old girl on Facebook led to a real fight on her front lawn.

It was all captured on video and also posted on Facebook and the mayhem wasn’t over.

The fight left broken glass and graffiti behind and Thomas says the 16-year-old came back later on Saturday with three cars full of people.

First, someone dislodged a mailbox and threw it at Gabreal's mom.

“It busted my mother`s head and she had to have stitches,” said Thomas. “I got upset and I came outside.”

When Gabreal went outside, she was greeted by a guy with two guns, one in each hand, “He had one of the guns to my face and he told me if I didn`t get back in the house he was going to shoot me. As I was going back in the house, he fired one shot in the air. The next shot hit the door frame and then next two shots hit in the house.”

Police say Thaddeus Boyd ran from the scene but officers caught him jumping a fence. Officers also found his guns.

“There were two shooters though so either way it goes, they both deserve to be in jail because they both shot into a house with children,” said Thomas.

Police have yet to make any more arrests and this family wants to see more people in jail including the sixteen-year-old girl who they started a fight with their 13-year-old sister and then came back with armed men, shooting up a house with seven people inside, including two children.

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