‘A Day in Frayser’ an event to encourage the community for a brighter tomorrow

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —On this dreary Friday, a group in the Frayser community is preparing for a brighter tomorrow.

“With the recent violence in our community, we know that there’s a need for families to live in nurturing environments,” Pastor DeAndre Brown said.

Brown, who oversees Lifeline to Success, works to provide positive support to the Frayser area.

On Saturday, Nov.4, he’s planning a block party to encourage families to come out and get involved. This comes in the wake of multiple shootings and violent incidents involving young people across the city.

Teens and children that have been exposed to the culture of guns and violence.

While it’s a party, Brown says there’s a bigger impact.

“What people don’t understand is if you allow it to be the norm people will assume it’s normal but when you show them something different and give them something different,” Brown said, “You have to inspire hope.”

It won’t be just any party it will be at an old, now empty church off Dellwood. Brown wants to turn it into a family center of sorts.

“What we want to do Saturday, tomorrow, is show them something beautiful,”explained Brown.

A vacant building that has sat empty for years is right across from a school another reason they say it’s crucial its rehabbed.

“We want to turn that place into a place where we can really develop culture.

Ahmed Murshed, who works at the corner store up the street has seen his share of problems but believes the family center and party are a win for everyone.

“Maybe that will teach them how to be a better person in the future.”

There will be free food, live music, games and a bounce house.

The event will be at 1577 Dellwood Avenue from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a special performance at noon.



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