A Covington house fire leaves a man with first degree burns

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COVINGTON, Tenn. — A man and his elderly mother are trying to salvage what’s left after escaping a fire at their Covington home on Saturday.

We’re learning more about that fire that left the man with first degree burns.

Glass, rubble and scorched photos. This is all that’s left of Terry Braddock’s home after it burned down early Saturday morning.

“This was my bedroom and back here was a master bathroom, over there that`s the heater right there,” said Braddock.

Braddock said his elderly mother who was living with him said a light didn’t work in the house, so he checked the breaker box, saw it was turned off, and turned it back on which created a spark.

“I went over and looked and it– there flames coming out the ceiling and it threw the ceiling fan into the center of the house,” said Braddock.

He told WREG, he tried to put the fire out but the blaze was spreading too fast.

“I went to move the coffee table and the rug and turned around and the ceiling fell on top of me,” said Braddock. “I had first- degree burns on my arm and my back in the process of trying to get the fire out.”

Thankfully a neighbor helped the homeowners get out the house. It took three different fire departments, nine firefighters and three-and-half hours to put the fire out.

“I`m glad that I got out and I`m sad that I lost everything,” said Braddock.

To make matters worse, one of Braddock’s dog’s didn’t make it out– his two-year-old Yorkie, Poo Benji.

However, with the odds stacked against him, he’s staying strong and a few neighbors who he have never met are rallying around him and his mom asking for any type of donations.

“It brings me to tears and it takes away a lot of the emotion stress,” said Braddock. “I know it’s still going to be hard taking care of mom she`s disabled, I`m more worried about her, I always think about my mom first,”

If you would like to help Terry, click here: Go Fund Me

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