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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a 3-year-old found his father’s gun and shot himself.

Family says the toddler was fighting for his life but passed away just a few hours after the shooting.

“I just don’t want them to try to make it like he’s a murderer, like he killed his son,” Antonio Fagian, the victim’s uncle, said.

On Saturday a bullet ripped apart the bond between a father and son.

“He’s terrible, he’s doing bad right now,” Fagian shared. “That was his only son.”

Fagian says his brother Cortez Wilkerson called him in tears, saying 3-year-old Cash Wilkerson somehow got ahold of his gun and shot himself in the head.

The father and his girlfriend were taken to 201 Poplar. But the family says this is not a crime; it’s just a really unfortunate accident.

“You got the first 48 over there like it’s a crime scene murder charge,” Fagian said.

Fagian watched as his younger brother sat in the back of a police car in tears.

He says Wilkerson was keeping little Cash for the weekend, but just one day into their quality time together, tragedy changed the course of the days to come and wiped away Cash’s smile forever.

“From what I heard he had it in a gun case,” Fagian told WREG. “He probably went to the bathroom, or whatever, he’s 3-year-old active boy got it out of the gun case.”

Since it all took place at the grandfather’s place, the family wonders: Would things have turned out differently if he were home?

“My dad would have been here, but he was trying to pay the light bill,” expressed Fagian. “Maybe this could have been prevented, but my brother should have put the gun higher.”

Police said Sunday Wilkerson was charged with reckless homicide, felony drug possession, felony weapon possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.