A 15-year-old held at gun point during a home invasion in Hickory Hill.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 15-year-old is frightened after being held at gun point during a home invasion in Hickory Hill.

It happened monday afternoon around four-thirty and the family preparing for a big holiday is shaken with fear.

"I thought I was gon die, I was shocked, I thought my life was going to be over."

This 15-year-old still in shock. He doesn't want to be identified but he walks us through what happened when two men walked through his unlocked front door on Gray Oak Avenue and robbed him.

"They pulled the gun out on me and said you gon have to run up something so I tried to give them my Gucci belt and they said no we want more than that so they took they x-box and they took the TV.

His mom thinks the crooks were casing the house, you can see them on this surveillance video.

"They sat outside for a couple minutes then one of them came, you can see on the camera one of them came the door while the other one stood in the yard."

This isn't the first time police has been to this house. Officers gave the homeowner some unsettling news.

"He told me I'm the third resident in this house on this street that has been robbed."

And the only house robbed on the block.

"I feel real violated, what were you looking for."

"We work hard for the things that we get and for you to just come in here and take it and that's not your first time cause you did it too calm."

Tonight she hoping by sharing what happened on Facebook, someone will recognize the men or their car.

"I mean they need to be stopped and hey need to go to jail, they need to pay for the crime they committed."


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