Southaven suspect spotted hiding in garbage during standoff

Suspect hid in a dumpster

Williams hid in a dumpster at the Civic Center Apartments.

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SOUTHAVEN, Mississippi — Mattresses, garbage bags and other loads of filth stretched out on the ground of the Civic Center Apartment complex in Southaven for deputies to clean after sifting through it to find a wanted man.

Southaven complex standoff suspect
Source Southaven Police Department

“They brought in a backhoe and a torch plan was to cut it open get him out then the garbage company showed up and turned it up and dumped all the garbage out,” Civic Center resident Austin Miller said.

Our WREG drone caught deputies digging through the trash bin for 38-year-old Terrell Williams.

Police were after him for a domestic violence warrant out of another county. They spotted him driving around Southaven but he wasn’t going down without making them search.

He bailed out of it and made a run into the complex to get away.

“That’s an odd place to be but he was in there for a long time so it must have been a good hiding spot,”  Miller said.

Helicopters circling the complex, firefighters with their hoses out standing on trucks and the SWAT team with their guns out eventually brought Williams to the surface.

“This is Southaven. Nothing like that happens here. It’s real quiet, nothing goes on.”

Despite the mess left behind residents are just glad their digging was not in vain.

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