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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say 302 people in the city have been violently killed this year, 36 of them children.

That includes 8-year-old Jordyn Washington, who was killed by a stray bullet nearly two weeks ago. The accused gunman, 43-year-old Cedric Conley, is still on the run.

Jordyn Washington

Jordyn was laid to rest at Northridge Woodhaven Cemetery. Washington’s mother and father said Saturday they just want justice for their child.

They say they don’t have hate in their hearts for the suspect — they just want him to come forward.

“I’m not going to be able to see her walk down the aisle,” said Jordan’s mother, Davisha Gonzalez. “I’m not going to be able to take her to school. I’m not going to be able to see her get married. Nothing like that. You took that all away from us.”

Jordyn was carried away by horse and carriage, with family saying their final goodbyes. 

“She will always be right here with us, but it’s a big chunk missing,” grandmother Sammie Washington said.

Jordyn was shot and killed Nov. 22 while visiting her grandmother at the Highland Chateau apartment complex in Raleigh.

Memphis Police say Conley is the accused gunman but Jordyn was not his intended target.

Cedric Conley

“I know you didn’t mean to kill Jordyn,” Gonzalez said. “I know that but the way you were shooting 26 times, you knew that you were going to do something to kill somebody.”

Jordyn’s mother and father say they want the gunman to know who he killed.

“Teachers loved her. Everybody loved her,” father Jasen washington said. “You just took our baby.”

Her mother said Jordyn was her only child. Family says she was destined for greatness — always knowing one day she would be famous. She even started her own YouTube page.

“Jordyn was such a special kid that she lit up everywhere,” said her grandfather, Jeffrey Forehand.

Those dreams and aspirations have now been violently and tragically ripped away, and family members say they need justice in order to get some form of closure.

“This is not fair for Jordyn. She can’t live her life or nothing over what you did,” Gonzales said. 

“I really feel like you’re a coward because you’re running away. You really took someone’s life away.”

If you have any information that could lead to Conley’s arrest, you are encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.