MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Like most 8-year-old children, Kacie Smith likes unicorns and pink. However, most 8-year-old children are not authors.

“I feel so amazed,” said Smith, author of “The Dancing Words.” “I wanted to write a book so more people can learn how to read.”

Reading is something Smith struggled with. The book is based on her journey when she was picked to read in front of her class and words started dancing.

“She went to school and you couldn’t understand. She was 70 percent jargon they told me,” said
Sade Smith, Kacie’s mother.

“It ended up with me getting a note. She took me to the doctor and they said my mom just has to read with me more often,” said Kacie Smith.

Sade Smith said she turned into a teacher. “I won’t give up on my child,” she said.

Fast forward four years and Smith is now reading at grade level. It started at home.

“She says things and I’m like ‘what!,’ Us reading and practicing (has) helped get her to his level,” said Sade Smith.

Now, Kacie has turned the thing she struggled with into a testimony to help others.

“I want them to learn how to read and the words they didn’t know, they will learn from the book,” said Kacie Smith.

The book is not only from Kacie’s story, but it is also based on her own words and pictures. Those “dancing words” are now crystal clear.

“I want to be a teacher to teach people what they don’t know in life,” said Kacie Smith.

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