77-year-old woman tied up during home invasion in East Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An East Memphis neighborhood is on edge tonight after word of a violent home invasion in a gated community.

Police say the victim is a 77-year-old woman.

“Lady got broken into, they tied her up, stole a lot of stuff, stole her car.  In a gated community that’s really bad so it makes you really concerned,” neighbor Debbie Abaya said.

Police say around 2 a.m. Tuesday somehow a man got in through the back of a home on Pavilion Green, off Park Avenue.

Neighbors tell us they think he jumped the fence.

Police say they tied her up and stole cash and multiple items.

“I’d probably have a heart attack. I cannot imagine. I really feel for her. I know she’s scared to death now,” Abaya said.

Police aren’t saying how much cash he got away with, but neighbors say this is part of a recent pattern.

“We didn’t ever hear of anything in earlier years. In last few years, gotten worse each year. Someone broke in a year or so ago in the gated community,” Abaya said.

In fact, Sea Isle community members have organized a fundraiser to buy more than a dozen sky cop cameras. They say just this morning everyone on Pavilion Green agreed to chip in.

People we spoke with who know the victim wouldn’t give us an update on her condition. They just say she’s glad to be alive.

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