75-year-old Midtown man attacked, robbed in driveway


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 75-year-old man was attacked and robbed in his own Midtown driveway Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Thomas Priddy was unloading groceries at his home on North Evergreen Street when two men with guns came up to him and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t do what they wanted.

Seconds later, they shoved him to the ground, grabbed his wallet and ran down the street.

Noah Morrell, who lives across from Priddy, was walking from his backyard to his driveway when he heard Priddy yelling at him for help.

“His clothes were kind of jostled around a little bit,” Morrell said.

And his face was bleeding. Morrell ran over, but the armed robbers were already out of sight.

“They must have timed it just right,” Morrell said. “He’s an older man, may not be able to move around as well as some of us, and they just took advantage of him.”

Priddy was treated by paramedics at his house.

His wallet was later returned by a man who found it on the ground a few blocks away near Jackson Avenue. Investigators haven’t said if anything was taken from the wallet.

“We don’t need stuff like that in this environment, on this street, in this neighborhood,” Morrell said. “I spoke to my neighbor to the right and to the left of me and a few houses down the way there; just told them what happened, just told them to keep their head on a swivel when they’re outside.”

Police are still searching for the robbers.

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