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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Five boys are recovering in the hospital after being shot outside their homes at an apartment complex off Alcy.

A 16-year-old remains in critical condition. Neighbors tell News Channel 3 his 17th birthday is this week.

The other four boys are expected to be OK.

“We was sitting in the house and we heard multiple gunshots, like up to 20,” said Nicole Todd.  She didn`t know one of the victims was her 14-year-old little cousin.

“He said he was hit, we thought he playing,” said Todd.

The 14-year-old was outside at the Hillview Village Apartments with dozens of other kids when, witnesses tell WREG, a man drove up and started shooting.

“They said it wasn`t no drive by. He pulled up got out the car, came around the corner and got to shooting,” said Todd.

Five boys were hit.  Family members tell us the youngest two are 12, the oldest is 19.

With a bullet in his wrist, Todd`s little cousin ran home for help. His trail of blood still stains the stairs.

“When he came around the corner, we knew something was wrong. He almost fell out,” said Todd.

The other kids were too weak to move.

“They were bleeding bad, real bad. They were bleeding out. One of them couldn`t breathe because he said he had asthma. I was really scared for him the most,” said a witness who didn’t want to be identified.

The boys had just walked home after attending a basketball tournament at the Memphis Athletic Ministries` Grizzlies Athletic Center a block away.

The tournament, ironically, was sponsored by the Memphis Grizzlies, the Memphis Gun Down program and Memphis Police. It’s supposed to promote non-violence and get kids off the streets.

Neighbors say the man responsible for sending the boys to the hospital has a daughter around their age. The father shot up the apartment complex after his daughter was involved in a fight here earlier Saturday.

Todd’s family calls the nightmare unreal, but they’re still grateful.

“We thank Jesus he still breathing and he got another chance,” said Todd.

Memphis police have two men in custody who may have been involved in the shooting; so far those two have not been charged. Police are looking for three others who may have also been involved.