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COLDWATER, Miss. — Four men are accused of killing a military veteran in Coldwater, Mississippi.

Investigators said the killers knocked on the 56-year-old Will Gordon’s door and shot him when he answered.

It happened May 17 on Flower Circle.

“I’m not happy about anything,” said Gordon’s younger sister while tears streamed down her face.

Police said right now, they think it was a robbery, but wouldn’t say what the men were after or if they took anything from the home.

“The door is knocked on, and Mr. Gordon was shot,” said District Attorney John Champion.

His wife found Gordon, but it was too late.

Investigators said evidence pointed to 21-year-old Antarious Boyd, and when they arrested him May 18, they quickly learned about other suspects.

On Wednesday, Deorio Rogers, Terrence Bledsoe and Trevor Moore were charged with murder.

“It’s another classic example of youth gone wrong. If you look at the ages of these kids, they are 20 to 21- years-old,” said Champion.

He said these men have criminal histories in Tate and possibly Panola counties, and some were arrested right after they turned 18-years-old.

Champion told WREG he’s still pulling their court records and will share their rap sheets with us Thursday.

Gordon was a father, a veteran and had just married his high school sweetheart.

Many remembered him as a caring, good guy.

“When something like that does happen [in Coldwater], it’s just an alarming thing. What communities are safe from this kind of violence?” said Champion.

Coldwater Police said is the second murder in nearly two years.