3.7 magnitude earthquake hits West Tennessee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Residents in West Tennessee were jolted from their sleep this morning after a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit Wednesday morning.

Several viewers from from Tipton, Lauderdale and Dyers counties called in to tell WREG that they felt the earthquake around 6 a.m. Each of them had a similar story, saying they heard a noise that one person described as a “freight train” and then were jolted by the tremors.

At H&S Market on South Main in Dyersburg customers were talking about what they heard and felt. “My house, it was just real loud like thunder and lightning,” a customer said.

During a phone interview, Kelly Sebastian told WREG that she and her husband were in their Newbern home when they heard a roar-like sound and then everything began shaking. She said she’s felt earthquakes before, but nothing of this magnitude.

WREG also spoke with Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box who said the same thing. He said he has experienced other earthquakes before, but nothing quite like this. It was “pretty strong” but said so far they haven’t had any reports of damage in the area.

According to the National Weather Service, the earthquake was strong enough that it was felt as far east as Jackson, Tennessee and in parts of Kentucky.

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