20 pound cyst removed from Tennessee woman’s stomach

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SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. — A 32-year-old Tennessee woman shared her story after she recently underwent surgery to remove a 20 pound cyst from her stomach.

Ashley Walden sat down with WTVF last week. The mother of three told the station it all started about five years ago when she started having pain in her stomach.

She set up an appointment with her doctor who initially diagnosed her with having an ovarian cyst. However, the pain continued to get worse and she started gaining weight. Within a couple of weeks, Walden said it looked like she was several months pregnant.

“I ended up in the emergency room because I was hurting so bad. That is when they found out the cyst hit a growth spurt.”

A doctor at Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health told her she needed to undergo surgery immediately. She said she scheduled the surgery twice but backed out both times because she was scared.

The third time, Walden came in and finally had the cyst removed from her stomach.

She shared her story with WTVF to encourage others to take action immediately if they have any health problems.

“It’s not worth it, putting your health off,” she said. “One day it might be too late.”

Now Walden is recovering and looking forward to spending quality time with her kids pain free.


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