2-year-old killed in road rage incident laid to rest

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 2-year-old gunned down in an apparent case of road rage was laid to rest Saturday afternoon.

Laylah Washington spent several days in the hospital after she was shot in the head but eventually passed away.

Police are still looking for the person who pulled the trigger.

Her mother told police she told some guys driving crazy in a parking lot off Winchester to not hit her car.

Police said the suspects followed them down the road and opened fire before getting away in their Chevy Impala.

“It’s like a dream. None of it seems real. None of it. It don’t seem real,” said Laylah’s uncle, Terry Washington.

Family and friends are now living in the nightmare of losing Laylah.

At her funeral they shared stories, songs, prayers and even some laughs.

They talked about the sweet, spunky little girl who brought joy to many in her short life.

Terry Washington said she was a funny girl, always wanting to play.

“They was at some park and it was time for them to go and of course my sister was telling Laylah, ‘Come on Laylah let’s go,’ and she started walking toward the car and she had her little stuffed animals in her hand. She wasn’t ready to go. So she threw it on the ground and took off running because she wanted to stay in the park,” he said with a smile.

These memories bring smiles, welcomed after so much pain.

In the pain, there’s a message to those who have caused the heartache.

“You fools. You fools. Oh Jesus you fools. What were you thinking about? It didn’t have to be a child or a baby, it could’ve been anyone. I mean really? What was you thinking of?”

Family said they’re thankful for community support, and as Laylah is laid to rest they’re asking those living a life of violence, why?

“What you trying to prove, to who? Who you trying to prove to? Make you a big man cause you killed somebody? You get a status? For who?”

Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings was also at the funeral.

Officers are asking anyone who might have information about the shooting to contact them or Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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