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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From high-speed chases and racist Facebook posts to forged doctor’s notes about facial hair, WREG has uncovered details on law enforcement officers under investigation by District Attorney General Amy Weirch’s office.

The officers, who served in agencies in Memphis, Shelby County, Millington and the state’s ABC office, were all on the attorney general’s “Giglio list,” which means their credibility was under question — sometimes because of conduct violations, sometimes because of criminal convictions. Some officers had resigned or been terminated.

Earlier this month, Weirich announced the cases, some of them closed, would be reviewed by a new task force. The unit’s first review involved former MPD Lt. Eric Kelly, who was disciplined for having sex with a suspect related to a murder case, although Weirich said he would not face criminal charges.

A look at some of the records

James Kendrick, a former Millington Police officer, was allegedly pulled over in Alabama while driving 160 mph and tried to use his position as an officer to get out of a ticket, according to a letter from Weirich’s office.

Nicholas Blumkin, a Shelby County deputy, admitted in a letter to superiors that he posted a racist meme to Facebook in 2015. He said he immediately regretted the decision but was unable to delete it.

William Gammell, a former Alcoholic Beverage Control agent, was dismissed after alcohol was seized in a raid on the VLive nightclub, but records showed a different amount than what ended up in inventory. Gammell first reported 314 bottles, but then changed it to 242. He was also accused of storing seized cocaine and marijuana in a file cabinet and asking agents to smell the substances, among other accusations in his file.

Joshua Shipley, a former Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputy, allegedly pursued a speeder in a chase that reached 115 mph, but didn’t turn on his lights or notify dispatch. The vehicle crashed, and Shipley allegedly did not submit a report. He was terminated in 2018.

John E. Harris, a Shelby County deputy, was suspended for allegedly forging a doctor’s note, allowing him to keep his facial hair “without proper documentation,” in violation of department policy, records state.

Below are the names of the people whose cases are under investigation by Weirich.

Nicholas Blumkin, SCSO – Letter sent to MPD May 6, 2016
Armond Fairley, MPD – Letter sent to MPD December 17, 2015
Stephen Holley, SCSO – Letter sent to SCSO May 6, 2016
Timothy J. Goodwin, MPD – Letter sent to MPD July 2, 2015
Carrous Davis, MPD – Letter sent to MPD August 31, 2016
Leo Whitmore, MPD- Letter sent to MPD August 31, 2016
Jeremy Drewery, SCSO – Letter sent to SCSO January 11, 2017
James Kendrick, Millington,  Received letter from City of Millington February 3, 2017
Jeremy McNairy, SCSO – Received letter from SCSO September 25, 2017
John E. Harris II, SCSO – Received letter from SCSO January 31, 2018
Christopher Grimes, SCSO – Letter sent to SCSO March 28, 2018
Lonnie Costello, SCSO – Letter sent to SCSO March 28, 2018
Steven Williams, MPD – Resigned October 30, 2017
Terrion Bryson, MPD – Pending criminal charges 2018
Kevin Coleman, MPD – Pending criminal charges 2018
Brian Beck, SCSO – Pending criminal charges 2018
Jocelyn Robinson, MPD – Pending criminal charges 2018
William Gammell, TABC – Agent Received letter on September 19, 2018 from TABC
Sam Blue, MPD – Pending criminal charges 2018
Bradley Henthorne, MPD – Pending Criminal charges 2019
Tekelia N. Saine, MPD – Email sent to MPD February 27, 2019
Joshua Shipley, SCSO – Terminated November 20, 2018
Il’ya Blazin, THP – Resigned 9/19-pending criminal charges
Jeffrey Jones, MPD – Pending criminal charges 2019
Eric Kelly, MPD – Resigned 11/20