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TUNICA, Miss. — A 14-year-old saved his dad’s life in a freak accident with the help of his two friends.

This all happened Saturday as the family was trying to launch a boat in Tunica Lake, when the teen’s dad’s head got pinned under a tire.

These three teens are freshman at Houston High School, but to Bob Staub, they’re heroes.

“They’re great, they made a miracle happen. I’m telling you, I shouldn’t be here today,” said Staub.

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Fighting back tears, Staub tells us he took his son Nick and his two friends to Tunica Lake to fish on Saturday. As they were backing the truck and trailer down the boat ramp, the truck got stuck in park.

“My dad has done it before, he went under the car and he got the car in neutral; that made it roll back because it was a slope,” said Nick Staub.

That’s when things took a turn for the worst. Once the car started rolling, Nick tells us his dad’s head was about 3 inches from the wheel.

“It went right on his head, and his head was pinned between the concrete and the tire,” said Nick Staub. “He was under there for about 45 seconds and he passed out for about 10 of those seconds.”

“It was really scary,” said Nick Staub.

The teens were quick on their feet. They lifted the car off of Bob Staub and called 911.

“We pushed the car about 5 inches up the ramp, and he woke back up and he was able to slip out,” said Nick Staub.

Staub says doctors did a CAT scan and took X-rays, but he was only left with a few bruises.

“The kids were shaking, I mean when we got done they were shaking, but they did an outstanding job,” said Bob Staub.

Nick says he and his friends don’t consider themselves heroes, he’s just glad his dad is alive.

“It makes us feel lucky that he’s still here ’cause the chances of him surviving, that was not in our favor,” said Nick Staub.

The teens started a fishing club at Houston High School, so it wont be long before they’re back out on the lake again.