$13,000 Portrait Of A C Wharton To Be Unveiled Tonight

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(Memphis) A painting of former Shelby County and current Memphis City Mayor A C Wharton will be unveiled tonight.

The cost of the picture, paid by taxpayers, is $13,000.

The painting was done by local artist Larry Walker who also did a portrait for former Memphis Mayor Dr. Willie Herenton.

It has been the tradition for former County mayors to have their portrait done.

We’re told by Mayor Luttrell’s office that Mayor Rout’s portrait cost $15,000.

A spokesperson for Mayor Luttrell said it’s expected his portrait will be much less expensive due to “digital technology.”

You may remember last year there was controversy when it was learned each Memphis City Council member gets up to $1,000 to spend on their photo, even if they are on the Council temporarily.

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