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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – Police have arrested three of five juveniles suspected of stealing a total of eight cars from two used car lots in West Memphis.  

The suspects range in age from 11 to 16. 

The first theft happened August 30. Police say the juveniles broke into Car Mart on Broadway and stole a car off the lot.  

Thursday night, police said the same kids stolen seven cars from Majestic Auto Sales, just blocks from the site of the first theft.  

Majestic’s owner told WREG that the kids drove through a fence and broke into the office before taking the cars.  

By the end of the day Friday, police had recovered all seven stolen cars, although the owner said some had been damaged.  

“One of the juveniles happened to drive one of the cars to one of our local high schools and we got him at the high school,” said Police Chief Michael Pope.  

“The public, they were able to provide us with information. If they saw a car, of course, that didn’t belong in their neighborhood, they were able to report that to the police department and we were able to follow up on it and got one or two cars returned that way,” said Capt. Troy Galtelli. 

Police have yet to arrest two of the five suspects, although they have been identified. 

“We’re trying to work with the parents and look into turning themselves in,” said Pope. 

The juveniles are charged with theft of vehicle, commercial burglary and breaking or entering into a vehicle.