11 animals killed by poisoning in Poinsett County, police say


MARKED TREE, Ark. — An Arkansas neighborhood is on high alert after nearly a dozen animals were found dead in less than three days.

According to Marked Tree Police Capt. Anthony Parker, seven cats, two dogs and two opossums were found dead in close proximity to each other within a two- to three-day time frame.

Authorities said some of the animals were family pets, while others were strays and wildlife.

All of the animals were found dead in a specific neighborhood on the northwest side of the city, but Parker didn’t say exactly where.

He did reveal that authorities suspect foul play.

“Based on the lack of signs of any trauma to these animals, it has been determined that they were poisoned in some fashion,” Parker said in a released statement Friday.

Tonya Carpenter’s dog and cat, 2-year-old Chloe and 8-year-old Mr. Nibs, were two of the animals poisoned.

“They were my family, you know. I feel like a piece of my heart is missing,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said she found several cats dead along a driveway between two vacant houses.

When Carpenter went inside one of the houses to investigate, she found another dead cat along with opossums.

“We noticed some cat food had been placed on the floor and what seemed to have a black substance in it,” Carpenter said. “I immediately was like, ‘oh my God, somebody put poison in this.'”

Carpenter said she had the food analyzed and was told the black substance is a pesticide named “temik.”

Until police find who’s responsible, Marked Tree’s Animal Control Officer Ray Parrish is going door to door with a warning for pet owners.

“Y’all watch your dogs, keep them in the house,” Parrish said. “If you see anybody suspicious, call the police or call me.”

If you know anything, call (870) 358-2024.


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