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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Ten people were injured in a shooting that occurred at the National Guard Armory in Brownsville, Tennessee.

Initial reports indicate that the National Guard Armory was being used for a high school party. During the night, a fight broke out.

Shots were fired and several students were hit. Two of the victims are juveniles.

Most of the victims were transported to Jackson General Hospital and are in the process of being released. Two of the victims were transported to Regional Medical Center in Memphis with non-life-threatening injuries.

People who live in Brownsville said Haywood High was playing a team from Jackson Friday when some sort of altercation happened at the gym.

“I know my son had gone to the basketball game last night and he was saying things looked a little rough,” said Tracie Williams, who lives in Brownsville. “The kids trying to have a good time I guess, and someone didn’t want that.”

But it’s not clear if what happened at the school gym had anything to do with what happened at the armory.

TBI Special Agents are working with officers with the Brownsville Police Department in investigating the shooting. No one has been taken into custody yet.

Parents have a message for the bad guys who did it.

“Please think about what your actions have caused. The harm and pain that you’ve caused other people and their families,” Williams said. “You have to vigilant and be watchful and just realize that you’re there to have a good time, but there is always somebody who has other things in mind.”