10-digit phone dialing coming to northern Mississippi


A close up of the hands of a young woman using a mobile phone

JACKSON, Miss. — Ten-digit phone dialing is coming to northern Mississippi. Customers in the 662 area code will have to start dialing that code plus the seven-digit phone number to complete local calls.

Beginning April 24, customers can begin dialing 10 digits in the 662 code. That includes people in Southaven, Oxford, Tupelo, Columbus, Starkville, Greenwood and Greenville.

If a customer only dials seven digits, a call will still go through. But, starting Oct. 24, 10 digits will be mandatory.

The change will enable a new 988 suicide prevention hotline that begins in July 2022. Some seven-digit phone numbers in the 662 area code already begin with 988.

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