1 arrest as protesters demand removal of Civil War battle marker in Collierville


COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — As a few dozen protesters gathered in Collierville’s town square Monday evening to demand the removal of a Civil War battle marker, a counter-protester was arrested and charged with assault.

Moments before he was led from the square in handcuffs, WREG filmed him in a heated altercation with a protester.

“As I recorded him, he slapped my phone out of my hand, which is assault,” said Frances Marable.

The marker that protesters want to be removed commemorates the Civil War battles fought in Collierville. It was placed in the town square by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

But many signs at Monday’s protest described the marker as racist.

“There’s options of moving it to the cemetery where the battle actually occurred. We have a lovely museum right up the street,” said protester Traci Stewart-Saltwell.

Activist LJ Abraham, who organized Monday’s protest said she had received death threats before the event.

Most counter-protesters chose to observe from a distance, although there were several verbal altercations.

“To come out here and tell somebody that they’re racist when they’re not — that’s racist,” said Andy Key.

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