WREG is not currently available to you on Cable One, despite the significant price you pay for all of their channels. This disruption means you could miss your favorite CBS programs and as important, the local news your rely on from News Channel 3.

You have told us how much your appreciate our station, and we thank you for your loyalty.  

But now, Cable One’s has removed WREG from its lineup.  And this is a first for us. But not for Cable One.

In the past year, Tribune Media, our parent company, has successfully negotiated agreements with over 300 cable companies, without a single interruption.  We are asking Cable One for a fair increase that amounts to only pennies per day for them.  

We believe you should receive fair value too.  Now that you know the facts, please contact Cable One and tell them to Keep WREG

What can you do?  Plenty – you have the power to make a difference:


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