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SAN FRANCISCO (NEXSTAR) — A bow right here, a little tinsel over there, sparkly lights everywhere! 

Americans apparently love the holidays and are willing to fork over the big bucks when it comes to sprucing up the home. 

According to a 2018 study, Americans will typically spend $1,556 in a single season preparing for the holidays. 

Now over an average adult lifetime, that’s a whopping $93,360, according to statistics from the study conducted by marketing research company OnePoll in conjunction with Lowe’s. 

The study examined the average spending of 2,000 Americans. 

Broken down, here’s how Americans spent their dollars: 

  • $235 on holiday home decor 
  • $375 on holiday gifts 
  • $645 on other festive hosting “necessities”
  • $301 on food and drink 

The study also found that 69 percent of respondents spend more on their home during the holidays than any other time of year. 

Tis the season indeed!