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Conservative radio host and author Larry Elder said he’s considering a run for president in 2024 — even if former President Trump announces another bid.

Elder, a former California gubernatorial candidate, told Iowa’s Des Moines Register that if he chooses to seek the Republican nomination in 2024, he doesn’t “feel” like he’d be running against Trump, who has repeatedly floated a White House comeback.

“I’m running for president. And I’m not running against anybody on the Republican side,” Elder told the newspaper. “I’m running against Joe Biden if he runs, or Kamala Harris if she runs.”

Elder, 70, left his conservative radio program “The Larry Elder Show” in April after hosting the syndicate talk show on several stations since the early ’90s.

Last year, he sought to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) when the governor faced a recall election. Elder shot to the top of the field and was a front-runner in the recall effort, but Newsom ultimately prevailed against the vote.

In January, Elder launched a new PAC to support Republican candidates in federal and local races and has said he is working on another book about the California race.

The radio host told the Des Moines Register he is currently “kicking the tires” in Iowa.

But Elder gave a speech last Saturday at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, a Christian nonprofit. The event was also attended by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R).

In an interview with In Depth last month, Elder said he was flying around the country to boost GOP candidates and help the Republican party take back control of Congress.

“I’m busier than ever before,” Elder said.