MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are weeks away from one of the most important fundraisers in Memphis. This year kicks off the 18th year of Go Jim Go, a bike ride to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

The annual Go Jim Go bike ride is a year round preparation event. While you don’t see him, WREG’s own Jim Jaggers is busy right now, promoting the event and training for the ride.

“I’ve got to shoot these commercials for our sponsors and our sponsors make Go Jim Go happen. They take care of all the expenses of Go Jim Go so that when the schools raise money, all that money that they raised goes directly to Le Bonheur,” Jim said. “But yeah, I’m still running and gunning. Every day even though I’m not doing the weather.”

Last week, Jim also visited all the superintendents at school districts that have donated to Le Bonheur.

He is still working hard for WREG and the children at Le Bonheur, even though he made the decision a year ago to step down from his day to day weather duties.

“The stress of of a couple of weather casts a day. In addition to Go Jim Go, in addition to the severe weather coverage that we do so well on News Channel 3, just a little bit more than what I can handle. I’m an old man. I’m a very old man. And I wanted to be the old man who left before everybody said, ‘Oh, he’s too old to be doing the weather. Get him off the air.’ So hopefully, I’ve timed it out okay,” he said.

But Jim is still very much a part of the WREG family. You will see him during Go Jim Go and this fall as he starts his 18th year of hosting WREG’s Knowledge Bowl.

“Knowledge Bowl, I absolutely love. It is the one of the truly nice parts of my job. Not that I didn’t enjoy the other stuff because I absolutely did. But who doesn’t want to be a game show host,” he said.

Jim said it was a tough decision to end his 46 years of weather forecasting. He has been a staple in Mid-South homes since 1977.

“I appreciate that. I really do. I appreciate them watching. It’s a real honor to be invited into someone’s home into their living room. It’s an honor to be trusted by them, that what you are saying affects them,” he said.

As for what else Jim plans…

“Well, I think I’ll always have a hand at Le Bonheur and helping them raise money. Hopefully, I’ll do Knowledge Bowl for a little while until I get too bad at that. And then enjoy some time with my wife and my family. I’ve got four grandchildren, and I need to get them to know grand bear,” he said.

But to the viewers, he says don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of him. He’ll soon be coming to a school near you, and ready to hear you cheer, Go Jim Go!

The Memphis City Council is honoring Jim for his years of service to the Memphis community. He was also named Broadcaster of the Year by the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society.