While you are doing your Spring Cleaning around the house, don’t forget these simple tips to keep your home energy-efficient!

  • Change your air filter to keep your system running efficiently and not out undo strain on the equipment.
  • Get your air conditioning system tuned up before summer arrives.
  • Consider using ceiling fans to cool your home as the weather begins to get warmer.
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs because they give off less heat and won’t warm your home as fast as other light bulbs.
  • Use the microwave whenever possible instead of your oven to keep your home cooler.

Want to save even more? Get a home energy evaluation and find out where you’re losing energy. You can take a free one online at EnergyRight.com. You’ll get a custom home report that’ll help save you money, and an energy-saving kit worth over forty dollars. Or schedule a TVA-certified evaluator to perform one in your home for $150. You could qualify for up to $500 in cash rebates or possible low-interest financing. To find out more, visit EnergyRight.com .


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