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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The company that runs the local landfill says they are now looking at several new locations as part of their plan to expand their operations.

In a release Thursday, Memphis Wrecking Company stated a recent increase in construction, demolition and blight made it clear their operations need to expand. That means taking over the empty lot next door or moving the landfill to a new site.

CEO Carol Williamson said the company received numerous concerns from the Frayser community about expanding at their current location. During a recent community meeting, local leaders told the company they want the landfill to be completely moved to a different location.

“We still believe that it is less impactful to expand an existing landfill than open a new one, but we are trying to be responsive to the community,” she said.

“With only approximately two years left in our current Frayser site, MWC needs to expand or find a new location for the landfill,” said Williamson. “We are a locally-owned small business and need to continue to operate – the last thing we want to do is end 10 years of dedication to Memphis, the war on blight, and put our employees out of their jobs.”

On Thursday, the company announced they have pulled records and are currently reviewing five other possible locations in Hickory Hill, Cordova and Raleigh. The exact locations were not released.

As with Frayser, the company said they will be hosting several community meetings to get feedback from residents. The first will be held Thursday, January 4 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Hickory Ridge Mall.

MWC is scheduled to meet with the Memphis City Council about the expansion on January 9.