MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Every Tuesday as part of our Community Changers series, we highlight organizations making a positive impact in our city.

This week, we caught up with a group that believes in personal leadership from an early age.

“He came into our gym, and we were like, who this tall man is, our principal introduced us to him,” Demarion Moss said.

That’s Demarion Moss. He’s a tenth grader and President of the Brotherhood chapter at Highcrest High School talking about the first time he met the founder of the Brotherhood.

“He is like a dad to me…Because Mr. Weathers teaches you about a lot. He teaches you how to carry yourself like a man. How to be respectful,” Moss said.

The Brotherhood is an organization for teenage boys focusing on personal leadership development. They currently have chapters in four schools.

Curtis Weathers is a former NFL player turned educator.

“Becoming a better version of themselves doesn’t happen by accident. Its happens because people are thoughtful about how they want to grow and how they want to develop,” Weathers said.

Weathers knows the importance of keeping teenage boys on the right track.

“I know that if you spend the time with them and provide direction with them, they’re going to live up to your expectations,” Weathers said.

Mr. Weathers keep tabs on everyone’s conduct and grades. They meet twice a week to discuss character, integrity, responsibility and perseverance. Plus, they just implemented an investment club.

“[They] Learn more about our economy and how to develop a budget,” Weathers said. “Quite a few of them want to own their own business. So we have the brotherhood entrepreneurs.”

While the boys are building a portfolio, something is building along the way: their confidence.

“Ever since I got into the Brotherhood, it’s kept me out of trouble. Every Saturday, instead of going outside and hanging with other folks, I can come up here and learn how to invest,” Moss said.

Anthony Bolton, a sophomore at Hillcrest and first year member, is already seeing the benefits.

“If it wasn’t for the Brotherhood breaking me out of my shy shield, I probably wouldn’t be able to sit in this seat and talk to you right now,” Bolton said.

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give the Brotherhood a thousand dollars. Because when you take the time to show the younger generation a successful path, everyone’s future will benefit from it.

A true community changer.