Lawrence Dennis worked at a grocery store for nearly ten years. Surrounded by technology at work with self-checkout lines, he was intrigued by the inner workings of it.

“After a while, you start to realize, I want to do something different, Lawrence said. “I want to have more opportunities.”

His brother was the one who told him about Tech901. It’s a nonprofit IT job training organization.

Robert Montague is the Executive Director and knows Memphians have the talent. They just need the opportunity.

“We ran into foundations and employers that were exporting jobs out of memphis because they couldn’t fill them here,” Robert told us.

“We have two main career tracks. We have an it professional career track that is hardware tech, helpdesk, networking, securities,” Robert said. “We also have a software development track that is coding, web development, data analytics.”

These classes are at affordable prices too. All classes are two hundred and fifty dollars or less.

Paul Rogers II, a former elementary school teacher, heard about Tech901 from his barber after talking about a career change.

“For myself, I was already in a career,” Paul said. “I have a family. I needed something where i can make a quick turnaround to enable me to launch a new career.”

Lawrence completed all of his courses within one year and is now a project manager for an IT Vulnerability Management team at FedEx, and has doubled his income.

Paul completed all his courses in time to transition from teaching elementary school students to one of the lead instructors at Tech901. He too has increased his income.

“It’s a unique opportunity to give people job skills affordably and quickly and to really help them have a living wage with future growth opportunity,” Paul said.

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Tech901 a thousand dollars.

Because when you offer tech classes at affordable rates, you truly offer transformational opportunities.

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