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SRVS helps those with special needs live empowered lives

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For many, the first big step is a diagnosis. Then comes a very important question.

“One of the most critical things a parent has to deal with once you know your child has special needs is where do I go. What do I do,” said Chris Myers.

Myers is a father of four. His son Taylor, 29, was diagnosed at his one year check up with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and an intellectual disability.

He said his family felt blessed when they discovered SRVS, an organization dedicated to helping those with disabilities live empowered lives.

Tyler Hampton, executive director of SRVS, knows the importance of services that start from the moment you learn you child has special needs.

“Especially with young children. That early intervention actually prepares them for adulthood,” said Hampton.

They offer infant parent groups, specialists that can provide services in your home or childcare setting. As your child is getting ready to graduate, they offer transition to work services as well.

“What kind of abilities they might be able to bring to an employer,” explained Hampton. “With the idea that when they graduate, they’ll have a job. Independence and that support for independence helps people create positive self image.”

SRVS also has numerous adult learning centers for continuing education.

Taylor Myers has been attending one of the learning centers.

“He continues to learn. He has made tremendous progress with a communication, a special communication device that they use at the learning center and at home,” said Chris Myers. “That is why we’re so blessed that SRVS is here. Gives him something to look forward to. He can’t communicate that directly to me, I know, I can see it in his eyes.”

Quality of life and making sure our friends and neighbors with special needs are seen and heard is why our anonymous donor decided to give them $1,000.

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