MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Every Tuesday as part of our Community Changers series, we shine a light on people and organizations making a difference. This week, we caught up with a group that believes in never giving up.

Katrina Snearly is ninety days sober. She credits Sista2Sista for keeping her on a sober path. Sista2sista is a non profit organization providing a safe haven for woman struggling with addiction and prostitution.

“I’m an addict. I’m recovering. I struggled for years with crack cocaine,” Katrina told us. “I have a sponsor. I’ve changed my people, places, and things.”

We met up with Katrina at Sista2Sista’s drop-in center. This is just one of three programs they operate.

“You can have a meal, you can wash a load of clothes,” Katrina said. “And there’s clothes here for you to put on.”

The ladies even have access to showers. But most importantly, “you’re not being judged here. How you come through the door, how you look, how you smell…whatever… You’re welcome,” Katrina told us.

Trisha Henderson is the founder of Sista2Sista and knows what it feels like to be judged.

“I lived the life of a drug addict and struggled with addiction to crack cocaine for twenty two years. And I needed a place like this,” Trisha said.

She is thirteen years sober and strategically placed Sista2Sista in the Binghampton community.

“This is where I sold my body. This is where I did drugs,” Trisha said. “It was important once I got free from drugs and prostitution…it was important for me to come back and reach back to my sistas.”

In addition to their drop-in center, they have an outreach program.

“Sometimes they come here and want to get off the streets. And we offer resources. We can help them get off the streets,” Trisha said.

The Lotus House is a guest house for ladies waiting to be placed in a rehab facility.

“If someone comes to the drop in center and she wants to go to rehab,” Trisha said. “There’s no beds available in rehab. They can come to the lotus house and stay and we help them create a plan.”

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Sista2Sista a thousand dollars.

Because when you offer compassion and hope to a group that many overlook, you build a stronger community.

A true Community Changer.