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Every Tuesday, as part of our Community Changers series, we bring you good news about great people doing wonderful thing in our community.

This week, Corie introduces us to a group that believes in restoring hope. One woman is sharing her story with us, but she doesn’t want to reveal her identity.

“I have two young daughters under the age of ten. Those are my kids,” the woman said. “That’s what made me say, you know what, I have to leave. I can’t keep doing this.”

That’s when she decided to leave an abusive relationship.

“They witnessed a lot of verbal and physical abuse,” she said.

Then, they had to start all over. The domestic violence shelter referred her to Ella Bebe Angels. It’s a non-profit organization that helps survivors with essential items.

Angelina Hines is the Executive Director and founder.

“Survivors often times flee with nothing but the clothes on their back and the children. And sometimes that’s ok because if you go into safety, you do that. You get out,” Hines said.

Angelina is a survivor herself.

“He told me, if I walked out that door that he would kill me. And I turned to him and said do what you have to do because I’m already dead if I stay here with you. I’m already dead,” Hines said.

When Angelina walked out with her three young children, she had family to lean on. She knows others may not be as fortunate. Ella Bebe Angels puts together everything a survivor needs to start a new chapter.

“We provide a welcome home kit. I like to say, we provide everything from a toothbrush to a bed,” Hines said.

“They brought over a nice dining room table, appliances, food. It was very very nice. I literally had nothing,” the woman said. “I can say i’m the most happiest i’ve been in years.”

This is why our anonymous donor wanted to give Ella Bebe Angels a thousand dollars. Because, everyone deserves a healthy relationship and support if you ever have to start all over.

A true Community Changer.